Client-specific GaBi Training
The client-specific GaBi training is tailored to include methodology topics and modelling techniques specific to your projects and needs. It can for example include:
  • modeling of your specific product
  • carbon footprint
  • water footprint
  • LCA report and critical review
  • GaBi Envision
  • EPD & GaBi training
  • Life cycle costing & eco-efficiency
  • land use and land use change
  • End Of Life: waste processing, recycling and credits
  • Allocation & system boundaries
  • GaBi DfX

Organizational details

  • This training can be combined with any other training session.
  • Prices depend on number of participants and region and include training materials & catering.
  • Training sessions can take place in one of the thinkstep offices or our trainers are happy to come to your premises and hold the training for you there.

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