GaBi Jump Start Training
Accelerate product sustainability initiatives with GaBi Jump Start Training

GaBi transforms data into sustainability metrics that support decision-making and enable companies to quickly implement high impact sustainability initiatives.

To succeed sustainably start here…

Join an ever expanding group of fellow GaBi practitioners to exchange ideas and experiences in a fun and collaborative training environment. Quickly and efficiently learn GaBi’s core functionalities, understand the extensive database at your fingertips, and gain confidence in your ability to build models to support life cycle assessment and business decisions. Learn tips and techniques from our experts which will save you time, effort and improve the quality of your LCA projects.

Who should attend?

New or potential users of the GaBi software


Product sustainability with LCA training or equivalent skill level (understanding of LCA methodology and basic terminology)

At the end of the training you will:

  • Understand GaBi’s modular and intuitive process-based approach to modeling the life cycle of a product from cradle-to-grave.
  • Have confidence to build a simple product model to evaluate life cycle impacts in various impact categories (e.g., carbon, water, energy, emissions, waste, etc.)
  • Have confidence to build simple scenarios using existing parameters.
  • Be familiar with common life cycle impact assessment methods (e.g. CML, ReCiPe, TRACI, ILCD recommendations/PEF impacts)
  • Understand how GaBi’s dashboards can be used to quickly analyze results.
  • Have an awareness of the full GaBi Software Suite and the functionalities available for intermediate and advanced GaBi users.

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GaBi Sales Manager
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